About Us

The Friends of St Peter’s and St Gildas’ is a registered charity, the membership of which extends to parents, carers and guardians, staff, past pupils and other interested parties. We organise activities and events during the school year – with the dual aims of fostering a community atmosphere in the Schools and raising funds for the Schools. Funds raised are distributed to the principals of the Schools, who expend the money as they deem appropriate. In the past, funds have been used to purchase library books and ICT equipment, to fund visits from drama groups, and other “extras” for the children.

In the past school year, we undertook an ambitious agenda and ran one or two events each term. The major fund-raisers were the Christmas and Summer Fayres. In addition, adults and kids alike enjoyed a Talent Night, Summer Art Show and Summer Sports Picnic. We also raised funds through producing individual children’s Christmas cards and producing school tea towels with each child’s original artwork. These events are not primarily aimed at fund-raising, but at getting families together in a social setting. We try to ensure access for all by keeping entry fees to a minimum, using local sponsorship to support this. All the events are well supported by staff and families.

For further information contact us on stpandstgfriends@gmail.com

The Friends Committee

The committee is made up of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The roles may be held jointly by 2 or more people. The committee manages ‘The Friends’ on behalf of the members. Committee members are elected every year at the Friends AGM.

For further information contact us on stpandstgfriends@gmail.com

Class Representatives

Each class in both schools has a minimum of two Class Representatives who fulfil a vital role in liaising between the committee, parent and teachers of each class. They help the committee to co-ordinate social events and are key to communicating to parents.

Class Reps are invited to all committee meetings and are copied in on the minutes.

For further information contact us on stpandstgfriends@gmail.com


  • Tea Towel
  • Giving Machine
  • Yellow Moon