Tea Towel

Spring 2010, all the children of St Peters and St Gildas were asked to draw a self portrait. ‘The Friends’ then took all pictures and had them printed onto a unique school T-towel. The T-towels are sold in the school playgrounds at advertised dates (parents are informed by notices in book bags) and at these times a sample t-towel will be displayed in the notice board in the playground of St Peters and outside the gate of St Gildas. The tea towels cost £4 each or £10 for three, all net proceeds going to the Friends of St Peters & St Gildas.

These T-towels really are lovely and make such great keep sakes not only for the children but also family and friends.

If you are unable to buy your tea towel in the playground you can buy them directly from the Friends by emailing us stpandstgfriends@gmail.com.

We have ideas for more unique printed items designed by your children in the future, so watch this space..


  • Tea Towel
  • Giving Machine
  • Yellow Moon